Parts from an assessment report



Greetje combines a rational view on business with a warm attitude towards

people. Words to describe Greetje are open, direct in a pleasant way without

being blunt but also somewhat idealistic. Although she is a real people person,

her dealings with people she is clear about the goals and objectives she want

to achieve. She has a well-developed value system with a pragmatic view on

things. She is loyal as long as it makes sense and there is reciprocity. In

conversations Greetje is mentally quick, and focuses on opportunities rather

than problems.


Her drive is very much to achieve the best possible result. Her ability to make people follow her in her enthusiasm is clearly present. She has a proven ability to understand complex situations and develop and implement solutions.

Greetje has a logical, original, creative way of thinking and can become excited about ideas. She combines careful wording with a pleasant way of talking. She shares information and experience and making conversation a two way street.



Greetje is a person who is confident, has good manners and has the ability to make each and every person feel important. She has a good sense of humor without being obnoxious or loud. She thrives on relationships from all cultures and all ages and is honestly interested in each and every person.


Although at the surface it looks like she can get along with anybody she makes demands on people too. This makes her a leader in the true sense of the word. She pushes up others in a positive way to reach the goals.


Greetje has a certain audacity and willingness to take risks, to leap in where others fear to tread. Combined with some intolerance towards distraction, interference, obstruction or delay, she will control situations and keep herself and environment on track. She might become a little frustrated in her constant desire to achieve as much as possible now. This is typical  for highly driven people. Despite this Greetje is very much

people-oriented person. She makes up for her impatience with supportive and

very steady behaviour. She usually focuses on preserving relationships and on

creating or maintaining harmony.



Greetje describes herself as an entrepreneurial projectleader who takes the time to assess the situation at the start but then goes full throttle towards the set goals. Her style is very much based on the relationship while keeping things simple and clear.

She describes herself as being target and result-oriented, decisive, and inspiring with a great ability to network.